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Amplifying the Causes That Affect US!


Our Mission

As a diverse 501(c)(3) organization, United Women of Color empowers girls, women and their communities by uniting people across ethnicities to address civic and educational gaps for advancement.

How We Help
Community Outreach

Image by Clem Onojeghuo

The Citizens Coalition for Justice Reform - UWOC's advocacy arm - is a diverse group comprised of local residents in North Alabama affected by social justice issues diverse marginalized populations face. Militarized policing and police brutality, healthcare, food insecurity, gender equality and voter suppression are a few of the issues we address.

Image by Valery Tenevoy
Civic Engagement

When Vote Gone Viral, democracy wins. We promote active civic participation with Candidate Forums, voter education, participatory research, community conversations, and civics training. We engage all folks to help bridge understanding and move forward.

Image by Alexis Brown

Through mentorship, career advancement opportunities,  workshops, and leadership development, we help provide tools and experience for WOC to succeed.

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Community Outreach

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How You Can Help


“Give light and people will find the way” 

Ella Baker,  civil rights and human rights activist

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