As a diverse 501(c)(3) organization, United Women of Color create and foster opportunities of advancement and empowerment. We build and shape the development of our communities by cultivating civic engagement, grassroots outreach, and providing community services to improve the lives of women, girls and families. We each individually and collectively have a responsibility to care for and develop our families and communities and as women we are all empowered to assume our duties and responsibilities and assert our rights and privileges.


We believe that lives can be transformed and changed through involvement with our 4 areas of service:

  • Civic Engagement

  • Education

  • Income and Self-Sufficiency

  • Community outreach in partnership with other organizations

We are honored to be a part of enriching our community.  United Women of Color has a rolling membership and provides a monthly casual environment every fourth Friday for supporters of our mission to meet, connect, share ideas, and discuss innovative solutions to the complex problems identified in the United Way Needs Assessment and our live survey results. 

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We believe that every time we invest in a woman,
we empower a family which in turn benefits the community.


Our Mission

United Women of Color is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization created with the goal of uniting women of all ethnicities to invest in the civic, social, & financial well-being of women, girls, and families.

Our Vision

Women make up 52% of the Madison County population and we believe that we have a responsibility to help build and shape the culture of our communities.  We began our public service in 2018 encouraging civic participation, conducting surveys and providing nonpartisan materials to voters.  In 2019 we will expand and launch our interview skills and business etiquette workshops based on local workforce development and employment needs.


United Women of Color exists to provide opportunities of advancement and equity through educational programs, civic engagement, and the provision of community resources to fill gaps of need specific to our area.  

It is our desire to increase educational achievement, self-sufficiency of families, voter participation of all citizens, and women leadership in the public sector and decrease dysfunctional relationships, crime, and deteriorating communities. 

We Need Your Support Today!

United Women of Color

Support us as we improve the lives of women and their families.
Join us, volunteer, buy UWOC products, donate, or sponsor an event or a family.

Email: theunitedwoc@gmail.com

Phone: 256-527-1013

Registered Charity (EIN): 83-1581223