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Protect your Rights.

Be Represented.

Vote Gone Viral is a civic engagement program which focuses on:

  • Voter education, engagement & empowerment

  • Voter registration

  • Voter mobilization

  • Voting rights restoration

  • Fair redistricting

  • Training 


We are boots on the ground. Canvassing neighborhoods and talking to voters are some of the things we do best.

During the 2020 election cycle, we provided absentee voting preparation and voter registration events at businesses, churches and community centers across North Alabama. 


Would you like to host an event in your neighborhood or canvass a precinct?
Give us a call at ​256-384-4933.

We also provide social media with voter education, tips, and resources that will ensure you will be able to confidently and legally cast your ballot during an election. 

It is our Constitutional Right to vote and no one should be denied the right to vote due to hindrances caused by the pandemic and voter suppression.

Want to Volunteer? Sign up 

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