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Successful Interview Workshop

To say that the Start Smart Interview Workshop was a success would be an understatement. The diverse crowd of men and women, ranging in ages 17 to 60+, from a wide range of backgrounds, food service to engineering, participated in mock interviews and interactive exercises designed to improve their chances at landing offers of employment. Seasoned industry professionals served as volunteer interviewers and gave individualized feedback for the attendees to take with them at the end of the session. Our volunteer resume professional gave personalized insights and 1:1 consultation as well. In addition, each attendee received a custom workshop USB filled with resources & tools designed to enhance their job search capabilities beyond the workshop.

The relaxed atmosphere along with the transparency of the workshop facilitators created a perfect environment which put workshop attendees at ease, allowing them to work though typical interview hurdles, “turn on lightbulbs” of new ideas, and unleashed waves of confidence for future job interviews. To read the post workshop surveys where each and every attendee shared their goals to move forward with their new found knowledge solidified and confirmed both the need for and the value of this community service. If you are interested in attending, volunteering for, or sponsoring a future workshop, please contact Angela Curry of United Women of Color at with “Start Smart Interview Workshop” in the subject line of your email. #EmployeeReadiness #Interview #Employment #Jobs #Workshop #Resume #Training #Women #Empowerment #Families #WorkforceDevelopment

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