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Commitment to Authentic Police Reform Will Require More Than Federal Legislation

Citizens Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform appreciates that the president of our nation has recognized that there is an immediate need for criminal justice reform. This Executive Order is a clear call to action for law enforcement agencies across the country

His comments reassure the Citizens Committee for Criminal Justice Reform that we are in the proper position, as engaged members of our local community, to successfully partner with our local leaders and law enforcement agencies to find common ground and work towards a common goal.

Citizen involvement and input is a key component to finding a way to meet community needs, ensure transparency, and focus on community-minded policing.

Frank discussions about how police engage with members of our community, especially black and minority residents, is also a key component in the reform process. Change will be more effective and long-lasting when the community feels heard and their input is not only considered, but also actively addressed. Part of that process is acknowledging the ever-present elephant in the room: race in our city and county.

Our list of 10 expectations opens the door for working together on reforms and we are eager to hear our local elected officials respond to those. We look forward to holding productive small group meetings with them as well as with leaders in our business and faith communities and with citizens who are most affected by police actions.


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