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The Citizens Coalition for Justice Reform is a diverse group comprised of local residents in North Alabama affected by militarized policing and police brutality.

As a result of the death of George Floyd and the worldwide outcry in response, it is clear that criminal justice reform is needed, at a local level, and across the country. 


Our Focus:

  • Public access to information (Transparency)

  • Accountability for bad policing

  • Authentic & Equitable Community Policing in our neighborhoods

  • Redirecting social wellness calls to behavioral health professionals

  • Demilitarizing law enforcement 

  • Benefits and incentives for law enforcement which encourage focus on humanity and mutual respect rather than an "us vs them" authoritative form of policing. 

  • Reducing violent encounters with law enforcement

  • Continued process improvement with massive community engagement and input


Reforms enacted at the local level of government that are restorative will provide social and economic justice to civilians and law enforcement officers to ensure the desired safety & equity we all seek through equal protection under the law. Our community service towards this effort will improve the quality of life in our area. and we hope to serve as a model for other communities across the nation.

Have you had an encounter with a
law enforcement agency in the North Alabama 
area? We'd like to help.

Are you a member of law enforcement?  We want to
hear from you.  Please take our confidential survey.

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