The Citizens Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform is a diverse group comprised of several affected organizations and individuals in North Alabama.

As a result of the death of George Floyd and the worldwide outcry in response, it is clear that criminal justice reform is needed, at a local level, and across the country. 


Our work is focused on ensuring criminal justice reforms are enacted at the local level of government which benefit residents and law enforcement officers. Specifically, reforms enacted at the local level of government that are restorative and provide for social and economic justice to civilians and law enforcement officers for the purpose of authentic community engagement for the desired safety & equity for us all. 

We believe that working with local government to craft these reforms will ultimately prevent future police brutality, and the unecessary deaths of black, brown, and disabled people.  

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Initial Local Police Reform Requests

        All Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) & Use of Force policies to be made available to the public (via online). Citizens and officers should be equally informed on these policies that involve citizen and police contact.


        Annual training on agency SOP and Use of Force policies for officers (as part of their required annual Alabama Peace Officer Standards & Training Commission (APOSTC) continuing education and publicly archive completion certificates) will be required.


       Documented explanation on the hiring process of officers with specific information containing screening processes to be provided. Example: Mental health screening and background screening (even via social media) to determine any racial bias/discriminatory tendencies of candidate.


        Crime mapping data from each agency in Madison County to be provided to the public via respective agency webpage.


       Provide officer complaint information from each agency in Madison County on their respective agency webpage to include nature of complaint and disposition. This includes posting how a citizen goes about filing a complaint, what is needed, and where to go to submit complaints.



       Provide public with details from each agency in Madison County, as to the agency procedures for handling officers who are discovered to have exhibited racial bias or discriminatory tendencies.


       Recommend a third party panel consisting of members of the community to review agency SOPs for evidence of bias and over policing. Report those findings to the public.


       Recommend a diverse Citizen Complaint Review Board comprised of members of the African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Caucasian communities to review citizen complaints and allow this panel to make SOP-rooted disciplinary recommendations to the mayor, city council, and agency executives.


       Ensure a 100% transparent process for releasing law enforcement body camera footage to the mapping data from each agency in Madison County to be provided to the public via respective agency webpage.


        Respond to the Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance’s communication regarding the decriminalization of marijuana.


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